design. engineering. innovation.

For the past 7+ years I've worked with design and technology for building people-focused experiences.


Product Manager - Healthcare

I worked as a Product Manager at MTX B2B, where I shipped a variety of products for the Education, Public sectors, but primarily the HealthCare industry. I contributed to critical products such as COVID–19 self-assessment, contact tracing, syndromic mapping, and vaccination apps(links: NYC, Arizona, Florida, etc).

I also built products from the ground up like "Code Blue," which assists emergency medical responders in navigating the situation and assisting medical emergencies like cardiac or respiratory arrest.
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DeCurtis Corporation

Team Lead - Engineering and Design

Lead a team of 7 designers and developers who created high-quality experiences for the cruise industry's biggest companies. Products from booking websites to onboarding experiences, such as the "Virtual Queue" interface for displaying estimated wait times for services.
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WebEngage is the ultimate marketing automation & user engagement tool.

  • I re-wrote the widget side in Vanilla JS, which replaced existing versions of the widget and helped us with a lighter and more manageable code.

  • Contributed to the new dashboard using ReactJS + Redux with a whole new UI.
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Townscript is the easiest DIY event ticketing platform. I designed new infrastructure at the client-side and revamped UI, which resulted in a 200% increase in traffic, and about 40% more sign-ups each month.
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