Problem Statement


Assume that you are a product manager at a furniture rental company. Conduct a survey to understand user needs/demands in furniture rental space.

Results Expected

Download the file below and fill in the details of your survey according to the instructions given below. You are required to submit a document with the details of your survey. You would need to survey a minimum of 40 respondents.

  1. State your hypothesis and objectives clearly. (Word limit: 100 words)
  2. Identify and explain the method to find the population size, assuming the target audience as people between the ages of 24 and 35 living in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. (Word limit: 100 words)
  3. Calculate the sample size taking the confidence level as 95%, the margin of error as 10%, and the response rate as 10%.
  4. Prepare a questionnaire suiting your objectives using Qualtrics. Register for its free account. The maximum limit to the number of respondents is 100. Submit the link to the survey from ‘Distributions’ tab.
  5. Conduct the survey among the target audience. [List the different channels you have used to reach your target audience. Also, mention the number of respondents you surveyed. (Word limit: 50)]
  6. Analyse the data collected, submit the insights inferred from the data, and give proper reasons for these insights. Based on these insights, explain how you can validate the hypothesis you framed in the beginning. (Word Limit: 150 Words)


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