Problem Statement


Archit a photography enthusiast, is looking for a new digital camera, he is going on a holiday to Shillong after 5 days (Oct 5) so he needs the camera to arrive by then. He goes to “Buyonline” website, he quickly finds the camera he wants, checks the delivery time and upon seeing “Free delivery by Oct 3 (Three days later)”, adds it to the cart, and without incident, confirms the order and selects COD as the payment option. Quick, easy — he is pleased and excited to receive the camera.

He was also e-mailed the tracking no. for the courier partner when the item was shipped. After 2 days, he wanted to check the delivery status, so he went to the “Buyonline” website, but he was frustrated to find that he could not track the package there and had to go to a third party website to track it. The website of courier partner was badly designed and he was not able to figure out how to get the details. Then he called up the customer support of “Buyonline”, where he talked with the customer support executive and came to know that his order was delayed a bit due to logistics issues at the courier partner's end. He was unhappy with the whole process and asked to cancel the order as he needed the camera urgently. But the customer support executive told him that COD orders can only be cancelled after delivery and not during while the item was in transit. Archit explained to him that no one would be there to receive the package when it arrived. He was frustrated with the whole situation and finally had to buy the camera offline at the higher price.

Also when the “Buyonline” package arrived the courier partner tried to deliver the package for three days before they sent it back and every day a new delivery boy kept calling Archit about how the house was locked and where should he deliver the package and whom should he deliver to?

Archit was frustrated with the whole experience and decided that he will never buy from “Buyonline” again and instead use some other website.

Results Expected

For the given scenario above, you need to answer the below questions in the template file provided below:

  1. User journey map.
  2. Describe whether the user experience was good, neutral, bad for each of the steps in user journey map.
  3. How can you improve the bad and neutral experience?
  4. Updated user journey map after you have improved the bad and neutral experience.


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