Problem Statement


You have gained an understanding of what contextual inquiry is, why it is needed, and how you can go about conducting one. To augment your understanding, it’s time that you apply these learnings and conduct a contextual inquiry session. Suppose you are a product manager at LinkedIn. Conduct contextual inquiry with at least two people (on LinkedIn website). You can use any screen recording tool to record user experience, one of which is Apowersoft, for which we have provided recording guidelines.

Problem Statement

Download the “Contextual Inquiry Template.pptx” and follow the instructions given in it to complete the assignment.

  1. For every user you conduct contextual inquiry on, you need to prepare the following:

  2. User information: details about user demographics, his/her technological preferences and a photo.

  3. Venue details of contextual inquiry: photo and location name.

  4. Details of the task performed: App name, task, task details, link of recording.

  5. Notes for the contextual inquiry session which would include:

    - Questions asked during the session and user answers to those questions

    - Distractions faced while conducting the session

    - Moments of delight and disappointment expressed by user during the session

  6. Recording of the session: Public link to the session recording.

  7. Analysis of the user answers and recording of the session. These would contain the insights gathered from individual sessions you conducted. These are insights about what did the user set out to, what worked well and what didn't, pain points in current flow to perform a task. For example, in the session, Manu doesn't remember his Paytm password and cod option was not available either.


1. Don’t forget to take notes during the session and record the session (both screen and user). Guidelines for recording the session are given in the "Recording Guideline".

2. To share your videos, after downloading/saving them upload them to Google Drive/Dropbox/Youtube and share the links for the same. Also, make sure your videos are public before uploading the assignment.


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