Problem Statement


This assignment is intended to be a combination of a design challenge and a sketching exercise. The emphasis is on hashing out a design on paper quickly and testing it, similar to what we saw in the video. The scope here is pretty wide and only a few details are specified. It's up to you to figure things out.

Suppose you’re working as a PM at DoToday, a startup working on a next-gen to-do list and task management app. You want to launch the smartphone app, for Android and iOS. You understand that the app functionality would be the same for both of these, and hence you only want to focus on sketching it out. As the sole product manager working on this app, you have a few ideas regarding the design and functionality that you’d want to incorporate.

Some of the user needs that you might want to fulfil are:

  • Have user enter tasks to a To-do list
  • Allow syncing the list with their email account (needs sign in by email address)
  • Allow to-do list to be bucketed in categories
  • Allow the user to complete the added to do list and mark as complete
  • Allow to browse the previously completed list and unmark it if not complete
  • Beyond this, you can specify and add the user needs that you want to fulfil.


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